martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Entrada en inglés:

Hola chicos en esta sección voy a hacer un entrada en inglés, todos los Martes espero que os sirva para aprender un poquito más este idioma.

Hey guys welcome to this section in English for all who want to learn this language.

Today we will talk about inclusive education, because long ago I do not comment as we in my class.

On the topic discovery learning three of us: that is the whole group, sought information on some of the theme, three, for each subject (Language, Mathematics and C.Medio) and each chose information and had to do the same but giving auditory, visual or written explanation. In item 4 as our tutor went honey moon we did nothing in the subject five we got in pairs and we knew everyone we explained to our fellow next door and each compathy learning.
Well I hope you like to learn, see you next Tuesday in another secion in English.

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